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Invest in Yourself

8 Jan

One of my resolutions for 2013 is to save money.  I am definitely working on being more responsible with my money, but that doesn’t mean I’m stopping spending cash cold turkey.  One thing that I think is a necessity to spend hard earned dough on is fitness.  I think of this as an investment in yourself.

invest in yourself

I have a membership to Colorado Athletic Downtown which is pricey, but close to my office so I know that it is easy to get my butt over there during lunch most days.  The cost difference that I would save by going to a cheaper gym isn’t worth it to me if I never step foot inside it (aka the 24 Hour Fitness by my house that I paid for without ever frequenting).  I’ve learned this lesson and have come to accept that I am paying for great classes and trainers, new equipment, nice amenities (whirlpool, sauna), and prime location.

For me, I get the most benefit (other than a solo run) out of group fitness classes.  Therefore, I am willing to pay for a month subscription to places like Pure Barre or Core Power Yoga if I know they have classes I want to try.  Also, once I shell out money I’m more likely to be committed.

Also, I love to  motivate myself with cute new workout gear.  Each season I’ll head to, Lulu, and even Target to stock up on colorful tanks, cute yoga pants, and bright new running shoes.  Being stylish, comfortable, and prepared (for weather) makes me more likely to put on my exercise clothes and actually exercise.  I never feel guilty for these purchases because they’re motivating.

Do you think it’s necessary to spend money on fitness?  Do you save my money by not using expensive gyms or fitness gear?  What other ways do you invest in yourself?


A beach goal in sight!

16 Nov

Happy Friday!
I can’t believe that November is already going by so fast.  I turned on the radio to Christmas music already, malls are decked out for the holiday season, and I’ve been indulging in the holiday Salted Caramel Mocha at Starbucks a little too often lately.  Yup, I guess it’s that time of the year.  While I do love the holiday season, it’s hard to get motivated when my wardrobe consists of bulky sweaters, stretchy leggings, and huge coats.  Gain a pound here or there?  Add a layer.  Haha, this is definitely not how I want to be approaching this!

What I think I need is a strong dose of motivation.  Annnnnddd, suddenly this week I was given some!  A huge reason to stay motivated, and that is a trip to Cabo, Mexico!  We started an annual beach vacation with a group of close friends last year and promised to do a get away like this each year.  When the planning for the trip started a couple of months ago I wasn’t sure we’d be joining.  There was a big debate about our destination, prices, dates, etc.  Also, I was being reasonable by trying to save money.  But, when the final details were figured out the price was good and I knew we might regret not spending valuable time with our friends.  So, we’re back on board, tickets booked!

Mexico 2012, the annual vacation group

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 2012

We are going the first week of February, so that leaves me 12 weeks to get to my goal weight.  I always do so much better with training plans and nutrition when I have an end goal.  I know that being healthy should be an everyday routine, but there’s something about scheduling my weeks for an event that helps me out.

This week went pretty well in terms of activity.  I had a much needed intense cardio session on Monday followed by a relaxing steam room session, cardio and weights Tuesday, missed my workout on Wednesday (boo!), 4 mile run on Thursday, and I have Bodypump today.  As long as I can keep this up through the holidays and eat well then I will be ready to hit the beach in my bikini in February!

CABO Mexcio 2013!