Hey there, and thanks for stopping by my blog!

I am starting Jules Health Rules for a few reasons.  First, I want to use this blog to hold myself accountable to living a healthy lifestyle and losing weight.  I have a goal weight that I am aiming for, but I am realistic and know that this number may have to shift a little bit once I reach my maintenace mode.  Next, I want to share my ideas, best practices, recipes, workouts, etc. with you!   If I can show you something that will inspire you along your jouney, then that is great!  Finally, I am excited to be a part of the fitness blogging community.  I know that there are a lot of fitness minded people and Denver and I would love to connect.  I have been following many of my favorites for over a year now, and I decided that it is time to join the conversation and meet fellow health junkies.

Why Jules Health Rules?  Well, cause I’m Julie and a healthy lifestyle rules, of course!  I belive in moderation, balance, and finding a mix of things that will work for you.  I aim to eat clean, green, unprocessed foods, but I also love dessert.  So, it’s my goal to incorporate the best of both worlds.  I also try to move my body as much as I can each day.  And let me tell you, sitting in an office does not make that easy sometimes!  The key for me is mixing up my workouts so that I dont’ get bored.  I have a gym membership that I use for classes like kickboxing and zumba, but I also love to get outside for a run or hike.  Don’t let me fool you though, I definitely struggle some days to find the time and/or motivation.  Which, again, is another reason for this blog.

What started my healthy living outlook?  As most young women that I know I have struggled with my demons regarding body image.  Growing up my family was active and I was able to maintain a healthy weight without putting much thought into it.  When I started college I was going through an insecure and new phase of my life.  I constantly compared myself to other girls and would put myself down if I didn’t look stick thin like some of my peers.  During this time I stopped eating healthy meals and instead I would allow myself minimal calories a day, I once even cried when someone tried to feed me an M&M.  While I reached my “thin” body weight that I wanted, I wasn’t as happy as I should have been and I barely had any energy.  Fast forward about 2 years and I was dealing with almost the exact opposite problem.  I had become very depressed, which only fueled my distorted body image problems.  Instead of restricting my food this time I started binge eating.  I was lonely and I believed that food was my only comfort.  Each day would be the same cycle of promising myself that things would change and relapsing into my room with a pint of ice cream, burrito, and bag of chips.  You get the picture- bad, bad habits.  This led me to my heaviest weight of 163lbs.  My frame is not built to carry that much weight and once I fully dealt with my depression I was able to find the determination to change things. 

Since then (about 1 year ago) I have found things that I love to do, made sure to surround myself with good friends & family, and made healthy living a daily outlook in my life.  First I lost about 12 lbs. without doing much besides getting my meals and snacking under control.  Next, I got back into fitness and running (which I used to love) and I started new classes at the gym to meet people and get out.  I shedded a few more lbs. but for the past couple of months I have been in a plateau.  That is not to say that my body isn’t changing still- I can see the difference in my face and in the way that my clothes fit, but that number on the scale has not budged in a while.  So, part of my goal for this blog is to be as open and honest with you as I can be.  I am using this  to hold myself accountable, so I want to let you know when I fall, as well as when I succeed. 

I look forward sharing my journey with you, and remember that a healthy life rules!


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