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I run…

12 Sep

I run…

To get lost for a while and clear my mind

To get in touch with nature

To listen to new songs on my playlist

For Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food

So I can eat chocolate chip cookies

To forget work problems

For an extra cocktail

To re-energize

For skinny jeans

So I can buy cute new running shoes

To be faster and stronger than I was yesterday

I’ve gotten the itch to lace up my running shoes more often lately. I think I can contribute that to the cooler weather, there’s nothing like a cool weather run right before it gets dark.  I told you that I won’t be able to participate in the Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon like I was planning, so I’ve packed my calendar with some other awesome races in the next month or so.

September 29: Color Me Rad 5K similar to the Color Run that I ran this spring, Color Me Rad is a fun run that has an explosion of color every 1K or so, and you cross the finish line looking like your entire body was dipped in a tie dye project.  Fun!

Gamma Phi Betas after the Color Run

October 7: Race for the Cure I am looking forward to decking out and pink and supporting the fight against breast cancer.

October 14: Run the ‘Rocks 5K a race at my favorite venue ever, Red Rocks? Yes, please!  And of course, it wouldn’t be a complete Red Rocks experience unless those famous stair climbs were a part of it.  This race benefits the American Lung Association.  I am especially excited because I have talked Ed into joining me and this will be his 1st race experience.

October 27: Denver Gorilla Run this fun run benefits the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund.  The best part of this race is all the participants dress up in gorilla costumes.  Yep, I’ve got a big, hairy gorilla suit being shipped to me.  My company actually is a big sponsor for the event so we have a separate theme for our team as well…more to come on that!

This list might not be the competitive races I was hoping for this fall, but I am looking forward to filling my weekends with some awesome runs around Denver with good company.  What races are you doing this fall, any that I should sign up for?