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Be Present.

6 Dec

I’m sure you haven’t heard yet, so I’ll be the one to say it again…It’s December already??!  Where the heck did the year go?  That’s how I am feeling anyway.  December is always a month full of mixed emotions.  There is a ton of pressure to be a great hostess, find the perfect gift for everyone on your list, decorate your house to look like it belongs on the pages of Better Homes, attend every Santa themed cocktail party you’re invited to, and on top of all that fit in normal day-to-day life.  PHEW!  I get exhausted just thinking about it.  In addition, this time of year is one of the busiest and most stressful at my job.  Can you tell that I’m about to rip my hair out right about now?  Lately, I’ve found myself wishing this month away and looking forward to a completely new year.

But, why, really?  December is supposed to be a great month full of cheer, family and friends, traditions, yummy food, and thankfulness.  And since I want to fully experience all of those things I need to remind myself to slow down.  I just need to take a deep breath and be present.  I struggle with this, but I am going to make an extreme effort during this holiday season to appreciate the small moments.  This past weekend I was trying to rush through putting my Christmas tree up and snapped at Ed.  I caught myself and realized that this was supposed to be a bonding and memorable experience for us, so I apologized, but it was too late.  I don’t want my anxiety to ruin any more moments like this.

be present

Some of my favorite moments I am going to savor:

  • Baking Christmas goodies while listening to the holiday station
  • People watching at the big malls with my mom while we sip on Starbucks Peppermint Mochas
  • Sitting in front of the Christmas tree lights with a good book and glass of wine
  • The excitement of actually finding that perfect gift and watching your recipient open it
  • Holiday parties with friends that I don’t always get to see
  • Sneaking into stockings with my brother early on Christmas morning
  • Christmas Eve fondue and church tradition with Ed’s family
  • Mayyyybe that first snowfall here in Colorado and a day on the slopes?!

Keep Calm and Merry

Do you struggle with anxiety during the busy holiday season?  What are your favorite traditions you’re looking forward to?