I’m back!!

27 Mar

After a long hiatus, I can say that I am back in action in the blogging world!

I needed some time to decompress, reevaluate, reset, recharge…whatever you want to call it.  I also had to take a look into myself and set my intentions straight.  I was on a path that was leading in a million different directions, yet at the same time going nowhere.  With my busy always-on-the-go schedule, I found that I was spending a lot of time and energy on things that don’t make me happy and aren’t leading me down the right path to where I’d like to be in life.

I believe that this is being called the “Quarter Life Crisis” these days.  That’s definitely how I’ve been feeling: in crisis mode.  I know that I am blessed, but, the main feeling I’ve had lately is “blah,” uninspired, apathetic, listless, and sad.  This isn’t depression exactly, just a a yearning for more out of life.

At this point (well, maybe after a couple of weeks of wallowing) I really thought about my passions and what makes me happy. I set some intentions to move forward and started to get my positive thinking back on track.  As we all know, if you’re unhappy with something you have two choices: you can either learn to live with it or you can work on changing it.  I choose to be happy and pursue endeavors that fuel my soul and give me an invigorating feeling as I embrace life.


I am excited to be back and focus more energy on this blog.  I am also excited to share with you my next path and goals that I am working towards.  Stay tuned for that update!


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