inhale. exhale.

19 Dec

What a week it’s been.  I, as well as most of the world, am still trying to process the horrible tragedy that occurred last Friday in Newtown, CT.  There is nothing more that I can say that hasn’t been said by someone else yet, but my heart is just broken.  This school shooting really hits close to my heart for me because the place that I call home is Littleton, CO, the place of the infamous Columbine High School.  It’s amazing how many repressed emotions were brought back to the surface as this news from Newtown unfolded.  We can move through our day-to-day lives sometimes without dealing with our feelings or thinking about how to handle them.  Is this because we’ve taught ourselves to become numb to working through complicated thoughts and emotions?  How does one even begin to work through them, and how do you deal with the fact that they will probably never go away?  I am sure that in 50 years a place in my soul will still be scarred by the CHS tragedy.

All I know is that what I can do now for Newtown is offer prayer, love, and support.  I love the movement that was started by Ann Curry, 20 Acts of Kindness, which has turned into 26 Acts of Kindness, one for each victim of the Sandy Hooks shooting.

This is a great idea, especially during this season, let’s spread our love in as many ways as possible however you can.  One small act can start a ripple effect.  What random acts of kindness can you contribute to the world?

In dealing with the tragic news, I decided to hit my mat.  It’s been far too long since I’ve really dedicated my energy to practicing yoga.  I forget how much my body loves it.  Two of my girlfriends just finished yoga teacher training, so I will be using their free classes the entire month of January to get back into Namaste mindset :).



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