Happy Motivational Monday

10 Dec


Why are Mondays so motivational in this health blogging community?  Is it really just a way to re-charge after a potentially hazardous weekend?  Typically that is what I think.  I take the beginning a week to set some goals, re-energize my healthy mentality, and hopefully start the week on the right foot.

I dragged my butt to BodyPump today after missing 2 classes last week.  I had a feeling it was going to be brutal and I was right.  It’s amazing how fast your muscles can lose their memory/endurance/tone…whatever you want to call it.  I could actually see my arms getting softer, I could feel my arms getting weaker, and today I definitely regretted letting that happen!  One thing that I am thankful for on this “Motivational Monday” is my trainer Katie.

She is so energizing, but not in that annoying, in your face, bubbly type of trainer that I can’t stand.  She is real and honest.  Today we talked about how she was hung over and laid in bed all day yesterday so that’s why today’s class needed to be payback time.  Now, that’s something that I can relate to and she makes it okay.  During classes she’ll tell funny stories about trying to get into the Bronco’s locker room or watching football with her hubby.  It’s great to have someone that can go from joking with you to demanding one more hellish rep from you.  So, today Katie motivated me, and I appreciate that…even though I can’t lift my arms right now.

Happy Monday, have a great week!


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