Trick or Treat, Spooky or Sweet?

31 Oct

Happy Halloween!

In honor of this spooky holiday, my post is costume themed!  Gorilla costume, that is.  This past weekend Ed and I participated in a fun 5K that I have been looking forward to, the Gorilla Run.  Our company is actually a sponsor of the event and this was the 8th year that we had the “largest gorilla group”.  Imagine hundreds of gorillas wearing costumes on top of their already festive (and bulky) outfits running around Denver…it was a pretty hilarious sight.

“hipster” gorillas

Since we had such a large group participating I was not necessarily expecting to run (and with these “fun runs” is that ever really the point?) so we walked/danced the whole time while rocking out to a boombox someone graciously brought.  So fun.  After the race and a celebratory rendition of “Shout!” at the finish line we grabbed some free food from the Denver vendors who hosted the event, including Ghost Bar, Lodo’s, Gaetano’s, and Ale House.  Yum, nothing like chowing down on mac and cheese with pulled pork after doing something active.

Ginny’s “baby gorilla” cutest. thing. ever.

Do you participate in any of the popular “fun runs” and which ones have you done?  Do you think that these kinds of races promote health and activity in the community?  I personally love them because I can drag friends who aren’t normally “runners” along with me.

Saturday night we celebrated Halloween with some friends at their haunted themed housewarming party.  I am at a point in my life that I really appreciate a good house party rather than spending a ton of money to go downtown and fighting the crowds for a drink (not that I don’t get that itch every now and then)!  I dressed up as a vampire, which was a costume I had from my previous obsession with True Blood.  Our hostess Monica made a ton of cute Pinterest inspired Halloween snacks and drinks, but these were my favorite: Vodka Infused Gummy Bears…AKA Monster Bears.  Definitely a fun party idea!

gothic skeleton, 2 kitties, and a creepy vampire

What are your Halloween plans?  I think tonight I will pop some popcorn, throw on a scary movie, and pass out candy for the Trick-or-Treaters.  Have a ghoulish day, everyone!


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