See ya soon, Sin City!

16 Oct

After a crazy whirlwind of a week I am glad to say that I am back in the Mile High City.  I always say that it’s nice to get away but even better coming back to the place you call home.  Why have I been MIA, you ask?  My client had a conference this past week in Las Vegas and I was invited to attend!

While I will happily jump on a plane to an all expenses paid trip, there is something about traveling that gives me anxiety.  When I am in a routine I love to stick to it, so it was a bit nerve wracking to figure out how to eat healthy meals and get some workouts in, not to mention making sure Hudson would have everything taken care of.

To prepare for my plane ride and any possible breaks during the day that might entice me to indulge in something less than healthy, I packed my carry on bag with almonds and a few Chocolate Caramel Luna bars to snack on.  I also brought my running shoes, but that was about the extent of me being able to plan ahead.  When all was said in done, the results of the trip weren’t horrible and I don’t feel guilty about bingeing or anything.  I probably could have cut out a few cocktails along the way, but hey…when in Vegas, right?


View from my hotel at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, not too shabby!

Tuesday afternoon was spent flying and checking in, then we went down to mingle at a customer dinner held in one of the Cosmopolitan’s restaurants, China Poblano.  The restaurant is an innovative take on the chef’s personal Chinese and Mexican experiences.  Sounds like a bizarre combination of styles and flavors, but the shared plates we had blended together so seamlessly that I barely even realized I was eating 2 different cuisines.  We dined on a pre fixe menu of 8 small tapa plates to share.  We had everything from barbequed pork tacos to Dan Dan Mian handcut noodles.  My favorite part was the dessert (of course), we sampled their unique version of many sticky rice pudding (which was actually made with Rice Krispies!) and Cajeta (goat’s milk) flan.  I am not typically a fan of flan, but this was creamy and light enough for my palate.  If you’re ever here, order a “Salt Air Margarita” with a salty foam on top (think of the consistency of latte foam).  After this filling meal I spent a couple of hours at the Black Jack table, which is always a good time, but bad news for the ole’ bank account.


Dinner with my awesome co-workers. When in Vegas we eat good!

Wednesday was packed with meetings and speakers, so unfortunately there was not a lot of time to explore or get any exercise in.  I have forgotten what it’s like to have to function while so hungover.  Oy, that’s why I’ve eased off the cocktails, huh?  The main part of the day that was keeping me moving forward was our dinner plans at Sushi Roku.  Nothing better than some delicious nigiri and sashimi while in Sin City.  I was with 2 other people so we decided to order a bunch of rolls and appetizers to share.  This is my favorite way to dine because I love to have a little taste of everything.  And everything was great.  The bartender offered a raspberry cocktail made with Voli light vodka and fresh fruit juices, so I opted for that rather than a regular sugary concoction.  In order to dance some of the calories away, we headed over to Lavo nightclub for bottle service and fun.


yumm, sushi in my tummy

By Thursday I was already feeling the effects of over indulgence.  My body was sluggish, my face was dull, and I was plain exhausted.  It is amazing how fast our bodies let us know that they are craving better fitness and nutrition choices.  Again, another long day of meetings which only compounded the effects of late nights, salty foods, and a plethora  of boozy spirits.  I decided to sweat some of these demons out with a quick run on the treadmill.  I started at my normal pace and was feeling good, so knowing that I don’t have the high Colorado altitude working against me, I upped my pace the entire time and finished 3.5 miles far faster than I normally do.  Yay, I can be fast…if only I lived at sea level, haha.  That little sweat sesh really made me feel like a new person, just in time for our going away dinner/party.  Our client rented out the Marquee for the night and we had a delicious buffet and I stuck with drinking vodka/sodas (and I passed on the amazing tray of desserts!).  Also, like I said, dancing never hurts either!  Vegas is a great vacation spot, just not one that I can stay in for too long so I was happy to head home on Friday morning.  After all that it was definitely time to detox and get back into my healthy routine.


Last night to “live it up” in Vegas, cheers!

What challenges do you face when you’re traveling & what are some tips that you have for combating these struggles? 

Do you have any great cocktail recipes using Voli Light vodka?  Please share!


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