Foodie Friday…new list!

5 Oct

Seriously, TGIF!  This week has been busy!  Who else is more than ready for the weekend?

I have been eating my way through Denver, using my 5280 list as my trusty guide.  Since I just started a couple of months ago I have barely made a dent in the top 25 list for 2011.  Lo and behold, I came home to find a shiny new copy of 5280 on my doorstep…with 2012’s 25 Best Restaurants!  So, the good thing is that I already have a head start since many of the restaurants on the list are the same as last year.  I am excited to get going on this list and try some of the new additions.  And I can promise you that this will be done before the next edition comes out :).

I have been working on a couple of posts and continuing to make my reservations (birthday dinner coming up, it’ll be a good one!), but since I don’t have a foodie Friday restaurant review today, I am going to share 5280’s list, so you can indulge a little too.

No. 1: Frasca Food and Wine 1738 Pearl St., Boulder, 303-442-6966, (check!)

No.  2: Sushi Den 1487 S. Pearl St., 303-777-0826, (check!)

No. 3: ChoLon Modern Asian Bistro 1555 Blake St., Suite 101, 303-353-5223, (check!)

No. 4: Luca d’Italia 711 Grant St., 303-832-6600,

No. 5: Fruition Restaurant 1313 E. Sixth Ave., 303-831-1962, (check!)

No. 6: Mizuna 225 E. Seventh Ave., 303-832-4778,

No. 7: Z Cuisine 2239 W. 30th Ave., 303-477-1111, (check!)

No. 8: Cafe Aion 1235 Pennsylvania Ave., Boulder, 303-993-8131,

No. 9: Colt & Gray 1553 Platte St., 303-477-1447, (check!)

No. 10: Linger 2030 W. 30th Ave., 303-993-3120, (check!)

No. 11: Bittersweet 500 E. Alameda Ave., 303-942-0320,

No. 12: Il Posto 2011 E. 17th Ave., 303-394-0100,

No. 13: Table 6 609 Corona St., 303-831-8800,

No. 14: TAG Raw Bar 1423 Larimer St., 303-996-2685,

No. 15: Twelve 2233 Larimer St., 303-293-0287,

No. 16: Trillium 2134 Larimer St., 303-379-9759,

No. 17: Pizzeria Locale 1730 Pearl St., Boulder, 303-442-3003, (check!)

No. 18: TAG Restaurant 1441 Larimer St., 303-996-9985, (check!)

No. 19: Potager Restaurant & Wine Bar 1109 Ogden St., 303-832-5788,

No. 20: Fuel Cafe 3455 Ringsby Court, 303-996-6988,

No. 21: Oak at Fourteenth 1400 Pearl St., Boulder, 303-444-3622,

No. 22: Duo Restaurant 2413 W. 32nd Ave., 303-477-4141, (check!)

No. 23: Cafe Brazil 4408 Lowell Blvd., 303-480-1877, (check!)

No. 24: Pinche Taqueria 1514 York St., 720-475-1337,

No. 25: Barolo Grill 3030 E. Sixth Ave., 303-393-1040,


Looks like I’ll be busy, there are a ton of new places to try!  Have you eaten at any of these restaurants, what are your favorites?




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