Appreciate what you can do…right now!

2 Oct

I have a good update to start off with: Hudson and I ran 3 miles last night and she did not try to escape from me again 🙂 No tears on this run.  Ran around the lake by my house at sunset, I love these evening runs after work!  And I got to break out my cute new moisture-wicking hoodie from Target.  Love Target.


Bet you weren’t expecting so many puppy pictures when you started reading a “health” blog, huh?! 🙂

There has been something on my mind a lot lately…as you know I have been working towards fitness and weight loss goals for a while now.  I have been slow and steady in my results and I am usually okay with that, but sometimes I let that pesky thing called comparison get in my way.  Yesterday I was a little discouraged in my weight lifting class when the (tiny!) girl in front of me was lifting 2x the weight that I could handle.  Then, another friend of mine was recapping her weekend for me and she completed a 1/2 marathon in 1:47 without ever preparing or training for it.  How do these things come so easily to some when I have to work my butt off for 1 extra mile, or 1 extra set, or 1 extra pound?  I start to think to myself that I can’t do those things and it almost seems silly to try.  It’s the mentality of “Screw it!”

But, then I have to take a step back and remind myself that everyone must start at the beginning.  Everyone has their own journey and this is mine.  It might take longer and I will definitely have to work hard along the way.  Rather than being bitter or worse, jealous, I need to appreciate what my body can do and how much work I am putting into my goals.  Keep reminding yourself this lesson because sometimes I need to!  Don’t let comparison take away any of the joy or credit that you deserve.


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