Happy October!

1 Oct

I love the start to a new month.  There’s just something about having a clean slate, a whole blank canvas of 30 (ish) days to fill however you please.  I always feel a fresh motivation for new goals and inspirations.  The best part of today is that October is my favorite month.  My mom always says I’m her fall baby.  And it’s true, I love anything spiced with pumpkin, the cool changing weather, colorful leaves, cozy scarves and boots, the excitement of holiday season right around the corner.

You never know exactly what kind of weather the days have in store for you here in Colorado…it literally could be 30 degrees different from day to day.  That being said, we took this weekend to enjoy some fresh air outside while these Indian summer days last.  Saturday and Sunday we went to Clear Creek near Coors Brewery in Golden to let Hudson test out her swimming skills.  Turns out she loves the water and got along with the other dogs at the park (yay!).

playing a little catch after a long swim

Also, this weekend was the perfect time to catch up on some running that I have been not so disciplined about. One (of the many) reasons that I was so excited to get a dog is so that I could have a running buddy.  Hudson has been pretty good on a leash, so I decided to bring her along.  We did a quick loop around a lake near my house.  My pace was good the entire time, and she kept right up with me and seemed to be enjoying it.  We were about 5 blocks from the house and in my head I started cheering “Good job, Hudson, so happy you’re a runner too!  Can’t wait to brag about you to my running friends!”  At that exact moment we did one of those twisty almost trip on your dog moves and I fumbled her leash which smacked onto the ground.  This sent her bolting down the street, leash trailing behind.  I sprinted as fast as I could at the end of my run, literally screaming her name as loud as I could.  I was seriously frantic at this point already imagining Ed and I spending the rest of the day searching the neighborhood for her.  Finally, out of breath and close to tears, I get to our house and there she is sitting on the drive way like, “Hey, Mom, what took you so long?”  Thankfully she figured out where she was (we’ve only had her at the house for 5 days!) and didn’t get hit by a car running across 5 streets.  I am anxious to take her out on a run again just to prove that this was a fluke and from now on we can have awesome runs together.

I guess that I should give an update of my progress on my working out “Project 37”.  Things have actually been a lot harder than I thought.  Between an out of town wedding and adopting a dog, there have been a few days that I missed.  I am upset, but I am not going to beat myself up over it, I’ll just have to tack those days onto the end and finish this goal in November.  I have noticed, though, that when I am too busy or making excuses to not workout, my body is seriously craving some physical activity.  Running got that out of my system this weekend, and today I was back in the gym.  Les Mills BodyPump class (which I had previously done at 24 Hour Fitness) has now moved to my gym downtown.  There was an almost identical class called Group Fitness that I had been going to, the only huge difference is the music.  For those of you that are unfamiliar with BodyPump, it is an hour long class focusing on low weights loads and high repetition movements.  This is a perfect way for me to add strength training to my routine and tone my muscles.

Even when things don’t go as planned, don’t quit. Get it done.

Alright, happy October!  Here are a few of my goals for the **new month!**

  • BodyPump class every Monday & Friday during lunch break
  • Resist as many sugary and overly processed Halloween treats as I can
  • Take advantage of cool evenings to run with Hudson
  • Try new fall recipes (anything with squash, pumpkin, apples…. any suggestions?)



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