Motivation Monday

10 Sep

Now that summer is winding down and bikini season is almost over, it’s time to think of other reasons to stay motivated.  Let’s talk #MotivationMonday.

What is driving me towards my goal of continuing to exercise and eat healthy?

  • New fall fashion.  I’ve got the shopping bug pretty bad for cozy autumn sweaters, cardis, boots, and colored denim.  What better motivation than knowing you’re going to be standing in a dimly lit, crowded dressing room? We all dread it, but being in shape helps with the process and you know that you can look good in all types of clothing!
  • Wedding bells.  No, not mine!  🙂 Krissi’s wedding is the end of September up in Telluride.  Being in a ton of family pictures definitely drives me to do a few more bicep curls!  Toned arms are the best accessory for a strapless cocktail dress.
  • The big 2-5.  My birthday is coming up next month and I want to look good while I am celebrating.  I always say each year that I am going to lose a few vanity pounds for my birthday, but I am in a good pattern this year and I am going to hold myself to it!  The last thing I want to be worrying about as I am turning a quarter century is sucking in!
  • Snowboarding.  The time is coming, winter will be here before we know it (tear!) and I want to be in shape for boarding.  The better shape that I am in heading into this season the better.  I am going to work on improving my skills and getting some exercise in the fresh mountain air this year.
  • Most importantly, feeling good and having energy!  Of course this is the motivation that started my journey and will keep me working towards a healthy and happy lifestyle.

What keeps you motivated to stay on track towards your goals (whatever they may be)?



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