Being a Busy Bee

23 Aug

Hello, my long lost bloggers!

Time has been flying by lately because of my super full plate!  Not that I mind being busy, it keeps me going, going, going.

The big, exciting piece of news that has consumed most of my time and energy lately is a big move (well sort of)!  By sort of I mean that I am staying in the same house, but my roommates are moving out and my boyfriend is moving in.  There are a lot of emotions coming up at this time.  I am sad that two of my close friends are moving out, we won’t be able to share each other’s closets, hang out over a glass of wine and chat on the couch, or motivate each other to get our butts to the gym.  I have always lived with girls (I was in a sorority in college, which is just a whole other story in itself, but it did teach me how peaceably live with 62 other women), so needless to say I am a little bit apprehensive to live with a boy!  Granted, we are at the point in our relationship where I feel comfortable taking this step and we are always together anyway, so moving in probably will be an easy adjustment (crossing my fingers!). 

This is taking so much energy because somehow, both Ed and I have gotten through these past few years out of college without accumulating much of anything.  Our roommates owned couches, dining room tables, dishes, etc.  So we are taking on the project of turning this house into our home.  It would be ideal to buy a house in this market right now, but we are still saving, so we might be in this rental for another year or so.  So, I have just been buy, buy, buying things left and right (which is fun and stressful at the same time).  Putting together our bathroom, kitchen, and living room/dining room has been going well and I love finding little trinkets, vases, frames, and mirrors to showcase our personalities.  There have been long weekends/nights of lifting moving, assembling furniture, cleaning, and power shopping.  Sadly, most days this has become my only form of physical activity.  Somehow, I don’t feel guilty about it because all of these projects have kept me moving and I don’t sit down until 10 or 11 at night (you don’t realize how much lifting and squatting you can do!). 

I assume that my house projects will continue to take up a lot of my time in the upcoming month (sprinkled with 2 more weddings, a trip to the mountains, bachelorette party, going away barbeque, and the Mumford & Sons concert among other things).  So I will keep you posted and share some pictures along the way.  I even have some fun DIY projects to show you.

One last thing to keep in mind is this great quote I found the other day.  “All great things are only a number of small things that have been carefully collected together.”  I keep reminding myself of this, whether it is in regards to creating my home spaces or reaching my fitness goals I’ve set.  Each step counts as something and all of the small efforts really do add up to big results.  Do something each day that progresses you towards your goals.


Take care!



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