Meatless Mondays…apologies to the meat-eating boyfriend.

7 Aug

Hello Hello, everyone!  Start to another week…already??!  This was a busy weekend between a Rockies game Friday night, friend’s DJ party Saturday, and errands/cleaning/cooking Sunday!  There is just never enough time in the day.

While I definitely don’t look forward to Mondays, I do like to use the beginning of the week to recharge, set new goals, and get back into my healthy eating and exercising routine.  One way that I do this is participating in Meatless Mondays.  The idea behind this movement is twofold.  First, you can regulate your health by reducing some conditions often linked to eating large quantities of meat including diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and obesity.  If you don’t believe in reducing meat consumption for those reasons, the other benefit is to the environment.  Cutting meat out of your diet, whether completely or just for one day, can reduce your carbon footprint and help reduce fossil fuel dependence.  Honestly, the main reason that I participate in Meatless Monday is to eat lean, clean, and green to start off my week on the right foot.

Tonight’s dinner is based around tofu, which my boyfriend likes to complain about, but I have learned to like cooking with every now and then because tofu will adapt to any flavors you use.  I was craving simple fish tacos, but I am a little burnt out on fish right now, so I made yummy tofu tacos!

I didn’t miss the meat from these tofu tacos!


-Firm tofu, cut into cubes- I cheated and used a store bought seasoning packet to marinade…

-Corn tortillas

-Shredded cabbage

-Avocado (I made guac)

-Sour Cream

-Lime juice


I was also craving something sweet so I decided to try out a chilled soup.  Normally I would not think of this, but my roommate and I ate dinner at Bang! last week where I had their soup of the day…Watermelon Strawberry chilled soup.  I was a little scared, but it turned out to be amazing!  I knew I had to recreate this recipe.

The lovely appetizer at Bang! that inspired my chilled soup recipe


-4 cups cubed watermelon (remove seeds)

-1 pint hulled strawberries

-1/2 cup greek nonfat yogurt (I used Better Whey of Life)

-Handful of mint leaves (chiffonade)

-2 tablespoons of honey (could also use agave)

-Combine all ingredients into blender and puree.  Chill for about an hour, garnish with extra mint leaves, and serve!  It was such a simple recipe and was the perfect starter for a hot summer night.  Next time I would make sure that the ratio is more watermelon, less strawberries because the watermelon juice is easy to overpower.

The sweet finished product

Ok, everyone, stay healthy and happy this week!



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