Beating Exercise Excuses

3 Aug

Has anyone else been struggling to find the motivation they need to hit the gym?  I know that I am in that boat lately!  The past month or so has been an uphill battle for me to get my butt moving.  Before then, I had a 10K to train for and I was planning on running a 1/2 marahton.  Well, my 10K went well and I met my goal of finishing in under an hour.  Then, I signed up for the Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon, only to realize days into my training plan that I have a big wedding planned for the same day.  Once I didn’t have these races to hold me accountable to my running schedules, I allowed myself to become a bit lazy.

And you know how the cycle goes, once you start to miss workouts, it suddenly becomes easier and easier to keep skipping them.  Which is not good when I am still on the path to reaching my goal weight!  Luckily I have been eating healthy so I haven’t gained any weight back, but it is time to re-energize my workout routine and kick start my loss again.

I have been thinking a lot about what changed in my routine, and I assume that a lot of you probably face the same derailing situations.  So, let’s discuss.

My 5 Main Exercise Excuses of the Summer:

1. It is so damn HOT outside!  I know that the entire country has been experiencing record highs, and my Colorado native body is just not used to temps. reaching 100 degrees.  The heat exhausts me as soon as I walk outside and I feel like my energy just gets sapped.

2.  I have a dinner/date/happy hour/meeting coming up and I don’t have time to shower after working out.  Come on, girls, I know that you have thought this before.  I try to either get in my workouts during my lunch break at work or right after work, but some days I have a packed schedule and I just don’t wan to get sweaty because I know I don’t have a ton of time to shower, fix my makeup, hair, etc.

3.  There is something more fun happening!  Yes, lame excuse, but it happens more often in the summer when there are fun BBQs, picnics, happy hours, dinners, and parties happening.

4.  I’ve missed one workout already, might as well wait until next week to start again…  This same all or nothing thinking can apply to eating habits too.  There are many times that I realize I am negotiating with myself to throw the rest of my workout routine out the window because I missed one run, or had one slip up at lunch.

5.  I am tired after work & deserve to relax.  Well, yes, we all know that sitting at a desk all day ironically can lead to being even more tired.  I am sure we have all experienced that magnetic pull to the couch.

Don’t let yourself be this couch potato!

OK, great, I am sure you all know where I am coming from.  But, what good does complaining do?  Does making excuses help us lose weight or feel like we are working towards a healthy goal?  NO!  Of course not.  I know that, and you know that.  So, it’s time that I confront my excuses face on and make a plan of action to overcome them.

Here’s how I can work around these excuses and find the motivation to workout:

1.  When it’s hot in the summer months, plan to make exercise a part of your routine.  On the weekends if you know it is going to be too warm outside, get up earlier to go on a run or hike while it is still cool enough.  Keep hydrated with water during the day so that your energy stays up.  Also, if you’re like me, my house doesn’t have air conditioning…but the gym does!  Silly things like reminding myself of this fact help give me the push I need.

2.  If you are worried about your hair getting too sweaty at the gym, try incorporating something other than cardio.  A yoga class is perfect for toning muscles and you can still walk of out class looking good (unless, of course, you’re into hot bikram yoga)!  Also, using Twistband hair ties helps when you work out because they don’t leave a dent in your hair.  Now, when I know that I have big plans after the gym I can just rinse off in the shower and be on my way.

3.  Make physical activity a priority!  You can do both excercise and the fun stuff, but you’ll feel guilt free (not to mention look hot!) when you do make it to happy hour.  Remember, even 30 minutes of cardio is better than nothing!

4.  This kind of thinking doesn’t even make sense.  Seriously, missing one workout doesn’t give you an excuse to laze around the rest of the week- it should do the opposite and motivate you!  You can always make up a workout by doing a 2x a day, using your lunch hour to walk around the city, or go on a fast paced walk after dinner.  If all else fails, hey, just dust off your sneakers and get back out there the next day.

5.  The great thing about working out, even if you’re tired, is that it will actually give you energy!  What’s better than an instant serotonin boost and energy spike after work so that you can actually enjoy the rest of the evening, not waste time on the couch.

No more excuses!

I am going to keep this post fresh in my brain for those days that I just feel like throwing in the towel.  Remember, achieving your health goals is about a balance of healthy eating as well as healthy physical activity.  Once an old personal trainer told me, “If you’re making an excuse to avoid your workout, commit to at least 10 minutes.  I am willing to bet that after 10 minutes you will change your mind and complete your workout.”  So true, just try it!



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